Our Pat and some thoughts on Breast Cancer.

Hello Bubblers,

Thank you for your wonderful and supportive comments on the subject of Pat and Breast Cancer.

My hope is that those who have not read the ‘thoughts’ seach for Andy Reeve and click on the pic > ‘Our Pat…..’. >. Especially my fellow males as I hope you will find some helpful words there should you be confronted with someone close to you who is diagnosed with the dis-ease.

She passed away in 1989 but sometimes it does seem like yesterday. Not one to mince her words (she was from Yorkshire) almost her last words before the morphine got a grip were “Well it’s your life now, bloody well get on with it lad”.

True to her words I seem to have packed a awful lot into the last seventeen years. But it was a phone call from a close friend that brought it all up again – hence the ‘thoughts’.



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