Group Promotion

‘Comments’ are a bit like a drug. Even during my break at work I find myself logging on to see who said what about a submission.

But I guess we would all like to sell our work to. The problem is the shear volume of work on the Bubble. 19K works when I joined a couple of months ago.

Promotion then, I think, lies with us Moderators. Not sure what the others are up to but I have just promoted the ‘Watersports & Activities’ group to about 40 relevent magazines and websites thus far.

This was of course was to make picture editors aware of a new source of material and if they publish bring in some new photographers and artists.

My next emails will go to advertising agencys and I am researching say Breakfast TV programmes. The type of media is like a bottomless pit when it comes to the need for news.

So if you fellow Moderators are not doing it already could I respectfully suggest that you get googling – lets make the Bubble the place peeps go to first for artwork.


Andy Reeve

Journal Comments

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