How to do a Blue,Green Planet.

Couple of peeps have asked me how I did that?

Can only speak for photoshop.

First open the master picture. Then search for a pic of a galaxy (or whatever subject matter you want to add to the first).

Highlight galaxy pic and resize to fit the area you want to cover up on the master. Make sure that the resolution is the same as the master.

Then click Image > duplicate >. Then double click the galaxy pic and drag it over to the master and holding left mouse key down shuffle it around to fit.

Given a nice straight horizon just slide it down to meet. Given rocks or similar sticking up you may have to erase the galaxy pic to shape so it does not overlap. Or > Layer > arrange > send to the back. This will put the the galaxy behind the master.

Finally use a bit of blur to tidy up the join.

Good luck and Hugs


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