Another Sorry

I was also about to enter an apology when I noticed Tony had entered one too. Do hope things are improving for you mate.

I too have been out of it. Couple of weeks ago my Mother passed away so when not up North for the funeral I found the only thing to do was work on and upload pics. It was a great comfort and still is come to think of it. Hence no comments on your work – my apologies.

Tony’s last para encapsulated everthing I wanted to say so in the hopes that he dosn’t cry plagiarism I repeat it here. (He put it so much better than I possibly could).

With my kindest regards to you all, you are the best friends anyone could hope for or want in life. I have never known anywhere quite like Red Bubble, there is so much love, kindness and compassion for each other and each others work it is a wonderful place to belong.

More big hugs coming your way.


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