I’ve been on RB for a few months. I find it very time consuming for the amount of revenue it creates.
My experience shows me most sales come from other members, we sell to each other. There is a lot of schmoozing required to get the views up in hopes of a sale. The proportions are not in my favor because I’m not a schmoozer.
Now more and more groups are slapping a limit of total images submitted. This requires even more time because I must find one to delete before submitting the next.
I enjoy the personal interaction with others here but that’s not what I’m here for.
I already own a social photo site, moderate another and belong to many. I get more than enough on-line social time.
I have recently been accepted to two Stock photo sites. Their requirements are stringent but no schmoozing is required. Prepare and submit the images, period.
I am not leaving RB but the time spent here will be limited.
Good luck my friends, your work is excellent.

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