Boring, meaningless life,
Is that why I’m alive?
To go on without you,
What I got to do?

I wake up at 6 o’clock,
Nobody to listen, nobody to talk,
Feeling so lonely, so empty inside,
So helpless, how can I survive?

I go outside, where the world is,
Nobody sees me, nobody to miss.
I slowly go through street,
Maybe someone will notice the biggest “It”?

Still nothing, only tears in my eyes,
World full of anger, world full of lies.
Asking myself : “Why am I here ?”
Hello! Does anyone care?

No answer… I’m dead inside,
Not literately, but I wouldn’t mind.
I wouldn’t mind to vanish from this world,
Which is so cruel to me, so cold.

Still walking slowly,
Not sure where I’m going, but I’m lonely.
Nobody understands me, nobody sees,
When it hurts inside, what it feels to be me.

I’m homeless, no roof over my head,
Basically, I should be dead.
Left alone by loved ones, by my friends,
This is how everything ends.

I’m making my final step,
Which I’ll never forget.
I’m going to let my soul fly and live,
Live in peace, happiness, where everyone knows how to forgive.

Standing on the roof, only me and my soul,
I’m ready to make my last goal.
On such a quiet dark night
I will finally see the light.

But… I suddenly hear the Lords voice.
He is angry with my choice.
“Don’t do it. Just wait a little more.
You’ll find someone to live for.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes,
God himself gave me advice.
And then I quietly thought,
He was the light, He taught me a lot.

I woke up at 6 oclock,
Still nobody to talk,
But I knew something will happen soon,
So I already was over the moon.

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