The Rossini, The House, The Captain ... and Annie, somewhere

In addition to Adriana’s and Peter’s journals, below are some of my shots from the RB meet-up day.

The Boss arrived (Adriana the Organiser), and gathered everyone in, where some people quite enjoyed the exhibition

After the exhibition she gathered the troops and led them to Rossini

While Ademac and TotS played the tourists

And then realised that the cameras were already at use

At Rossini’s Mel and Ian in a pleasant conversation

And then the fun began – while waiting for the meal to arrive, the hungry RBers had nothing else to do but to shoot everyone around!

And then each other – Peter and Matt.

Maria and Adriana were in a deep conversation, well, most of the time

Let’s go to the Rocks, it stopped raining, said Mel after the meal

And she was right – The House was basking in it’s own beauty

And so was the Captain

And at Rossini’s they could finally re-use that table with a premium view

More shooting at the Rocks

Where photographers are everywhere you point your camera at

And at every shop

So all around it was a great day, and TotS and Ademac looked quite pleased with the results
Thank you Adriana!

All shots taken with Canon 5D MkII and Peter’s Canon TS-E 45mm f2.8 Tilt+Shift Lens

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