Too much Photoshop

I’ve been browsing through a few photography folio’s and while some of the pics are amazing I noticed a few patterns developing with some landscape and nature artists.

It seems a few have recently discovered PS and are incorporating more and more of it into their images. Now don’t get me wrong I can certainly see how PS can enhance an image thus making it more attractive to buyers but what I’m seeing is a blatant over use of the medium to conjure what really is a false image.

When I read an image title that states ‘the brilliant colours of oogyboogy at the end of the day’ when clearly the colours are not at all natural it screams bogus and fake. Or another showing the spectacular sunset light on the side of a building while the back of the building is in bright starlight. The image is titled ‘sunset at fiddlers knob’

Funny thing is when I look further into their portfolio you can see where the photoshop addiction started. And the work pre PS saturated is just as good if not better…certainly a more natural appearance.

Well that’s my two cents worth.

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