Away with the horseys !!

Well I’m back from an interesting week out west assisting vets in vaccinating horses against the EI flu. Boy, getting a horse to blow it’s nose is right up there with getting it to talk.

Each horse is micro chipped, blood sampled, nasal swabbed and vaccinated. All attending parties are dressed in disposable hooded overalls, latex gloves (amazing how much the hands sweat) face mask and plastic shoe covers. When each farm is finished all attire is secured in bags and later burnt. We then sprayed everything including ourselves in a metholated spirits concoction.

I met some wonderful colourful characters who despite suffering real hardship from the drought maintained a ‘goodonya’ sense of humour with everyone being referred to as ‘ol mate’ and roosters (blokes)

The funniest event was witnessing the em, mating of a cat and a didn’t care but the lady horse owner was embarrassed. She said “he’s always doing that, especially when we have visitors” :O)

Funniest horse name ’ horsey’

Anyway it’s been busy ‘round these parts so I’m off to catch up… oh,It was great coming home to find a couple of sales emails..thank you bubblers !!!


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