Well I’ve finally found some decent time to catch up with the RB and as usual I’m astounded with the level of talent here in our little bubble.

I just wanted to mention about tagging our artwork as It’s no good having a wonderful piece of art if no one can find it.

Google actually index the art displayed here so it needs to be tagged appropriately. It’s no good tagging eg, tree, landscape, bird, dog, cat, etc. Not if you want your work to be actually found by those within the bubble or coming in from outside. So a little thought needs to go into the tagging. Basically think of them as keywords people would use to find what their looking for on he internet

When you are ready to add another masterpiece to your gallery take a moment to think about your tags. If you were trying to find your particular work online, what words would you use to describe it? Generally single word tags don’t cut the musturd. How many of us search for something on the net using one keyword?…ok, unless it’s sex :O)

For example I saw an excellent image earlier on, which had the tags

drought, gibsland, ..and a few other singular terms I can’t recall

This really should be tagged drought_images_gibsland, victorian_drought_ images, These are the terms I would use in the search engine to find this sort of photography on this subject.

Don’t forget to underscore your tags to join_ the_ search_ term and separate with ,

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