Angus is odd

I was recently asked to explain what was odd about Angus. Here was my reply:

  • He often purrs for no reason – We’ll hear him purring away in the middle of the night.
  • He talks – especially when you say or even whisper his name
  • He likes riding around in a Nutri Grain box (or similar) as per Iron Cat
  • He will often sit in the shelf of the pantry (usually purring): Angus in the Pantry
  • He often paws a mirror or window
  • He gets his claws caught in the carpet as he walks
  • He is very fickle with his eating and food often just falls out of his mouth while he’s eating
  • He doesn’t like peeing in a litter tray. He prefers to go outside and will hold on all day if he has to. When he finally decides he’s going to pee in the tray, he tries to do it without actually standing in the tray.
  • He won’t poo in the litter tray, preferring to use a shower floor.
  • He gets confused with the back door and walks the wrong side of it
  • He gets scared of the door mat at the back door and often has to leap over it

That’s probably enough things for now… I then remembered I had a video of another odd thing:

Angus Riding in a Box

(I’m sorry for the poor quality video. It was taken on my mobile ’phone.)

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