Angus is odd

I was recently asked to explain what was odd about Angus. Here was my reply:…

  • He often purrs for no reason – We’ll hear him purring away in the middle of the night.
  • He talks – especially when you say or even whisper his name
  • He likes riding around in a Nutri Grain box (or similar) as per Iron Cat
  • He will often sit in the shelf of the pantry (usually purring): Angus in the Pantry
  • He often paws a mirror or window
  • He gets his claws caught in the carpet as he walks
  • He is very fickle with his eating and food often just falls out of his mouth while he’s eating
  • He doesn’t like peeing in a litter tray. He prefers to go outside and will hold on all day if he has to. When he finally decides he’s going to pee in the tray, he tries to do it without actually standing in the tray.
  • He won’t poo in the litter tr

My Softboxes

I have a range of DIY softboxes which I use for macro photography. In each case the light from the flash is first spread onto a surface which then lights the subject with a much softer light than with the bare flash.…

My First Softbox

My first softbox was a fairly simple cardboard arrangement which I still use when I’m at home taking macro shots at a magnification of 1:1 or less. For information on how I made it, see: I made a softbox for my flash

My Collapsible Softbox

I next made a collapsible version of my first softbox which easily fits into my camera bag meaning I can take it with me on walks, etc. I use it under the same conditions as the first one – with magnification of 1:1 and less. See: Collapsible softbox

High Magnification Softbox

As I started using extension tubes, I fo

Poor Angus

Our beautiful boy, Angus, had a bad day, yesterday (13 March).…

He went outside with the 3 cats in the afternoon and within 30 minutes of being outside he was acting strangely. I brought him inside. He was constantly licking and scratching himself basically anywhere on his body he could reach. He was also very upset, panting quite regularly and meowing whenever he was left alone. I followed him around as he wandered from room to room. He could not sit still.

At 4pm we decided it was best to take him to the vet and have him checked out. The vet agreed he was not quite right. He had a temperature of 40.1ºC and all his pick bits (nose, toe pads, mouth) were all quite red, probably increased blood flow because of the high temperature. The vet suspected some kind of allergic reaction,

Native Orchids

While walking the dogs yesterday morning near Lennox Bridge (Glenbrook, New South Wales, Australia), I spied some native orchids to the side of the track. I headed back yesterday afternoon to get some photographs. After looking more closely, I found a great number of spike and it appears there may be more than one species.

This was first spike I came across in the afternoon. I believe these are Dipodium roseum. (Thanks Colin)

Here is a close-up of one of the flowers.

This was a flower on a small spike near the first spike.

This was another spike further along the path. This is probably D. variegatum. (Thanks again Colin)

Here is one of the flowers. I’m pretty sure this is a different species from the first.

Shooting macro with one hand

My usual technique for shooting macro on the monopod is to have the camera on manual focus, set the focus point and then rock the camera forward or back until the desired part of the image (e.g. the eyes on a spider) are in focus. The monopod means I can hold the camera fairly steady with just my right hand. This frees my left hand for holding foliage out of the way or even steadying the foliage, particularly if there is wind around. The problem I have when holding foliage with my left hand is I have no way to adjust the focus if I want to move closer to fill the frame more or further away because the subject changed its angle. I have recently discovered that I can use the AF-ON button on my Nikon D300 to make focus adjustments but still use my manual focus technique for the actual foc…

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