Joining up

I’m finding joining this site to be quite a difficult task.
The problem is the choice of what I upload.
What should I put on here?
Now I normally take one particular type of photo for one purpose. If I uploaded those then I’d find myself in a copyright and legal quagmire.
So I won’t.

I’m also quite harsh in my choices. I tend to throw away old work and view it as lesser to more recent work.

Alright, not actually throw away but I tend not to show it.

Redbubble is an interesting site rather like the original flickr was before it became a dumping ground of photos of pretty girls holding kittens in HDR.

You know where I’m coming from!

I think it’d be nice to show work that is different to my normal type of thing.
The selling part of this site makes me reconsider how and what I do.
I feel that asking someone to buy your work in a print means you have to push the barrier that little bit further, show the viewer more respect and only pick your best work.

Over and out


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