Hello everyone, if your reading this you already know who i am and maybe what im about to tell you. this is really big news for me and less important news to the rest of you. I HAVE 2,999 VIEWS ON MY WORK!!! haha. this is so great, i love it. for some of you out there this was passed a long time ago and your nearing one million and such but, when i joined this website and began to add pictures i wasnt expecting 20 views, now i am on the break of 3000! i wanted to just thank you all who have continuously commented on my work and added me to their watchlist. you guys have really made me feel at home i guess and i have actually built cyber-photo relationships with many of you. Thank you all soo much, i never even dreamed that this day would come!!

and thank you to the one last view that puts me over the top!

Andrew Hildebrand

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