Andrew Bailey

Ilfracombe, United Kingdom

After a working lifetime spent in visual communication of one sort of another, Andrew is now happily retired and living in peace and...

Hallo there! My name is Andrew Bailey but you can call me what you like as long as you never call me early.

I was born ( or so I have been reliably informed) on the Umpteenth of Octembril Nineteen Canteen better known as August 7th 1943, (The Year of the Old Fart) and, one year later in 1944, my parents moved to Kent to avoid the V1 and V2 flying bombs the last of which fell 200 yards from our bungalow which rather puts pecautionary moves into some sort of perspective, I guess. I dont remember the move (funny that), still, I have always thought was a pretty wise notion.

Stayed in Kent until I was in my 12th year and then moved back to south London (Blackheath, Lewisham and Greenwich) where I remained until I joined the Royal Air Force in 1961 where was taught to be a photographer.

Spent my working life in visual communications of one sort or another until I sort of retired in 1990, aged 47, to look after the aged and doting.

Move to Devon in 1997 and by now I was disabled. I retired properly in 2008 aged 65 when the government saw fit to award me a state pension. Still prepared my work for exhibition of which I have had four since 2000.

Have written a glossary of photographic terms – a form of A5 sized dictionary for students and am trying to find an illustrator and publisher.

Remarried in 1998 in Manassas, Virginia to an opera singer and voice teacher whose voice could shatter glass at 100 yards. We live very happily in north Devon where she enjoys a studio of over 45 students of all ages and i don’t.. I do, however, spend an unconscionable time on this wretched computer trying to prove that I take take photographs and write the odd ditty or two

Lack of mobility and the fact that I am never free of pain means that I now take far fewer images than hitherto but have a library large enough that I needn’t pick up a camera for the rest of my life. I will, of course.

Feel free to drop me a line about anything you see or read. I do a good line in buffoonery.
On a very serious note All writing and artwork is the property of Andrew65/MorphArt Imaging and may not be used wholly or in part without the prior written permission of the copywright holder, including copying, duplicating, printing, publishing of any description, reproducing, storing, or transmitting by any means what so ever.

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Charity Begins At Home

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St Augustine once said: / Nulla est homini causa philosophandi, nisi ut beatus sit (Man has no reason to philosophise except with a view to happiness) and I know of few reasons to disagree.
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