The last fall morning

Hello guys. My first journal entry here at

The first week here has been fantastic. Lots of feedback from some very nice people. Great to see a community like this exists.

It’s been quite a busy week for me in every way. I came back from a 2 day shoot in the Norwegian mountains yesterday. I was at a place called Leirungsdalen in the Jotunheimen National Park. Jotunheimen consists of all of Norway’s tallest mountain peaks with dozens of peaks above 2000 meters. The highest being Galdhopiggen at 2469 meters above sea level. I’m not a climber so I tend to stay away from those peaks and venture into the lower parts of the park where I can get vistas and more wide scenes.

It was pretty cold already though. Probably a couple of degrees freezing (celsius) and the ground was frozen. Luckily some fall color had stayed. But I suspect this was the absolute last chance to see the amazing fall colors in the mountains.

I’ll be posting a few photos from this trip during the weekend.

Thanks for all the comments and watch-list adds people. Much appreciated.

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