Homepage Feature

Well what a surprise that was! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see it, but our shot Right of Way was featured on the Redbubble homepage.

Thanks to all of you who have viewed and commented on the work and to those of you watching what we do we hope to add some new stuff in the coming week or so.

The one shame is that we found out late – wouldn’t it be nice if they sent you an email on the day when something like that happens? Hey Redbubble, would that work?

It has an amazing effect on your confidence to know that someone thinks enough of work you’ve done to show it to, essentially, the world.

It has been a good start for us in this wonderful community: friendly comments, people “favouriting” work, a feature in the New York City group with Off Duty (thanks Judith!), a couple of sales and now a homepage feature. Here’s hoping we can carry on like this!!


Andy and Natalia

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