Christmas Day Turned Night

I’m sitting up in bed, after a long hard day of doing nothing very productive.
I have my pup with me, and my mom’s laptop..listening to Stars – Heart

So many people have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas..
Love, anyone?

It took me somewhere around thirteen or fourteen years to figure out that Christmas…and life in general…shouldn’t revolve around materials. Considering most little kids, and teenagers only want want want…I think I did pretty damn good.
Although, I’ve never really been one for material things..I can’t figure out if it was because we never had enough money for every single thing I wanted (like most teenagers my age) or if I just simply don’t feel the need to have everything. Sure, I receive the things that I want occasionally, but I don’t ONLY want things during Christmas time. I accumulate little things here and there that I want over the months in between Christmas time and…the….next Christmas time. :*
Now, I was never spoiled, and when I say this I mean it every way, except of course the only thing a person could ever need to feel complete – Love.
Love, love, love.

That’s all I need, and I have it.
My family>your family.
I love them with all my heart and soul.

I don’t NEED to open gifts Christmas morning, even though it’s always a plus.
But I do NEED my family near me, and LOVE.

And I really just want my parents to know that I love them with all of my heart, and I know they do the best the can for me..I don’t need them to waste their money on fancy things I want..

I think it should be illegal how sleepy I am.

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