Just away with my own thoughts today and thought some may like to share.

As there are so many troubled souls who come here today, if there is one thing I wish you to find and share it is Love but i also wish upon you peace. Just a small two min film I would like you to think about today – though like me am sure once visited you may wish to save or return again and again. Please take timeout today – it is important; here is your link. http://www.theinterviewwithgod.com/

Hey ho, then I found another link some may like. I do not press upon you my religion, yes i have my faith, but above all I wish you to know t how truly you are all loved and valued as members in this world, to know and understand your own beauty, be right with yourself and true. Learn to know and understand PEACE. Here’s your link. http://www.pathways-to-peace.com/

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