Kind of sat around today waiting on other people, which got me round to thinking of

past, present and future just from my own perspective. In particular thinking about

our planet and changes.

A few years ago I moved away from the city and its constant chemicals being

pumped into the air from factories at night, from tobacco filled bars and heavily

congested roads. I was suffering heavily with my asthma and used to find the

moment I hit a main road on foot, particularly about 8:30 am my chest would tighten

and wheezing would begin. Going out to pubs and clubs gave me similar effect,

meaning even if I went on holiday I could not enjoy the atmosphere of places as

easily as others; it was making me ill, and better to get away.

We moved as opportunity took us across the border from England, into the South of

Wales. The place we settled in a small town, close to the sea in one direction – with

a variety of beaches; and the other direction mountains of natures beauty. Generally

speaking the traffic smog was cleaner, the whole air of the place cleaner, limited f

actories and those bigger ones several miles away. The new air improved the

asthma in leaps and bounds, for the main returning if we had a night out or returned to the city.

Got me to thinking though that just because I’ve moved away from it doesn’t mean its

not there. It doesn’t mean the problems gone away or that I should ignore the issue.

Quite the contrary, I mean look at the ozone layer depleating. The blame for our

freak, weather patterns never recorded before. The storms hitting the world,

tsunamis, rising sea levels, rivers and mass floods. We are living in a changing

world and need to act fast – we are leaving it all too late.

So what am I personally doing? Well we recycle as much as we can, be it matter for

the compost bin, junk shop, charity shop, local groups, general rubbish collections -

separating scraps for glass, metals, card and paper etc. Double glazing reduces

costs for heating your home as it keeps more warmth in. We even put old carpt on

the floor of the attic for extra warmth with insulation there too, this means through

most of the winter the temperature of our home needs only be kept at a constant 18

degrees rising to 19 at worst. We can turn off electrics at the plug as we finish with

them instead of being lazy and unplug mobile phones soon as they finish charging.

Then there’s light bulbs no excuses these days for not using energy efficent ones.

We’ve insulated the house and given the outside a makeover. . I’m a crafter so where

possible many finished with containers can be cleanedd up, spruced up

decorations added and reused. The latter going for household furniture too – another

persons junk is another persons gold; and why not – save money literally for a rainy

day. With climate change we can’t predict who gets hit next.

On the news this year we saw floods and storms on mass, our world can’t cope with

this scale of destrution – so many peoples homes damaged or even unsafe to return

to. It’s time to save to cover such likelioods and expenses, but with ever increasing

everyday prices blamed on the storms and loss of production, or scarcity of basic

commodities it has become more difficult for more people to do this. But if they

could do this through war surely we can now; after all we are waging a war of a

different source now. Buildings being lost, roofs gone, basic sanitation none

existent and at worst many lives lost…

In the meantime, give nature a helping hand, plant some trees, plants, bulbs,

bushes, fruits, vegetables and herbs. If there’s too much produce help others and

pass it out. Be more neighbourly. It’s time communities went back to helping each

other and pulled together what a nice way to do that. Then there are the elderly and

infirm; who can’t afford to stay warm with rising costs and are frightened weathering

storms on their own, keep an eye on them let them get some warmth in your already

heated home, the more in your home the warmer it becomes….

Mmmmm. yes in conclusion I guess you might say if we don’t toughen up quick and

each play our part we will lose all natures beauty around us as she turns in her

distress and ravages the land taking all in her path. Please, play your part too?

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