Wow, what a feast of opportunity

Hi folks, am just back from my break away and hoping to get some pictures up just as soon as I buy a new computer – in near future I hope!! lol. soo you won’t have to wait long and then there will be lots!! Yes it rained and there were high winds however because of the layout of the area we were able to dodge the weather for the most until the day we came home! Somerset proved to be showered with both history and beauty and we also went to Torbay in Torquay whilst close…Enjoyed it so much we intend to return soon as is only a couple of hours or so away…Definitely worth a visit if you are willing to travel around a little as there is so much to be discovered…from caves to museums to modern day festivals etc…brilliant shopping day out at Clark’s village in Street too!! One place I highly recommend for its quirkyness and well worth a nosey or maybe arranging a meet at is Watchfield Inn in Highbridge, lovely people, great meals at reasonable prices (eg 2 steak, chips and peas cost us £14.95 and breakfasts are a little over £3), and a very big and interesting pub, with a basic campsite out back too…mmm…might try to arrange a meet for September, so watch this space if interested, I hope its fairly central for many to access? Anyone interested at this point shout up here please, am sure fore those stuck transport wise there might be someone passing nearby who may be willing and at least you can try? Anyway hope all are well, and now to get on with some reads/views/writing…kindest thoughts, Anna-Marie.

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