Features.... Thanks....

Exciting times, I seem to be on a bit of a role this week thanks to all of those who support me and the groups I’m in too!

Earlier this week I had the honor of my ‘Budding Beauty’ being featured in the ‘Live, love, dream group’.

Today I was told that my ‘Ode to a rose on a sunset’ is featured in the group ‘All Things Poetic, Artistic, Philosophical’.

Also that my ‘Such love, I drink from your cup’ is being featured in the group ‘Light in the Darkness’
and also as featured writer of the week in the group ‘Live, love, dream’;
needless to say I’m absolutely bowled over with your kindness.

Might I also thank all those who have added me to watch/favorites lists, it is through the encouragement that continues through the bubble through constant reads and comments that my writing has continued, and for that I’m truly grateful to you all….

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