Making a difference. What will you be remembered for?

There are so many things happen in our world that our governments seem to turn a blind eye to. Many things seem not to be news enough, and barely or scarcely hit the headlines. Yet, many of these things are relevant to us, things as artists, writers and poets we hold passionate heart about; how much more so then is our responsibility and duty to bring these things out into the open to raise awareness? in our viewers? Each of us holds our own passions, we can all take small steps in moving our world in the right direction. It is in our works history will be found. What will you be remembered for? What have you revealed of yourself or others? What changes would you like to see? What issues do you have with our world and what or whom do you blame, or how would you change things? What is important to you? Each of us needs to touch the hearts and minds of others to be succesful. We impact other peoples hearts, minds, emotions and souls, we might touch that one person empowered to bring about change…. inbetween we entertain. Take a few moments and think, are you where you want to be now? You could be making life changing decisions, inspiring debate and change for better things. Enter a new year with new focus and direction.

Many Seasons Greetings to you all, with a Prosperous New Year ahead.

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