Strange apparition in Edinburgh

Hi all, just wanted to tell you that on Saturday 16th August 2008, my husband Craig and I got talking to a Lancashire lady whilst we waited to go to the Edinburgh Tattoo, 10.30pm show, so I guess around 9.15pm. Now what was unusual was that as between us we tried to capture a few pictures looking out on to the Royal mile, she captured a strange apparition of a lady getting married in white bridal outfit with the mile as it is….our picture seconds after did not have her in it and no procession of any kind was going on as the police had that area cordoned off for security and crowd control purposes. We were standing on the left of the Royal Mile, in the small yard of the building facing the Hub which was on our left….just wondered of anything similar in the area others might have recorded? Sorry I don’t have the same picture, but for sceptics she was using a 4 meapixel digital camera and didn’t even know how to turn off the flash, as I showed her…so no techno genius either…. spooky eh? lol.

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