Fed up...in need of a rest

Well I’m fed up and in need of a break to get my thoughts together so what better than leaving a few thoughts before I go to Edinburgh for a break…. I just realised my new camera lovingly brought my husband for my last birthday has vanished…I’ve had the house pretty much upside down and know it was last used about 2 weeks ago, the same day we managed to lose a bag of shopping – even though we went straight from shop to car…. gone….

Yes I think the break is needed by both, and lucky we still have the old camera for shots…but its just not the same….. oh well maybe it will show in time…but if not at least its not another health issue to deal with….

Makes you put things tidier and in perspective mind!

Kindest thoughts wishes and prayers to all in my absence…keep up the great work, and will catch up as quick as possible on my return?

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