Urgent and Vital! Dodgy e-mails doing rounds be careful....

2 days ago, I recieved an e-mail of a woman whos husband was said to have worked for Texaco/Chevron, who died and left his family and huge amount ofmoney around her. She goes on to say where she is in hospital, what is wrong and that she is dying – can;t talk. Her money tied in a Luxembourg bank and she practically begging me as recipient and knowing of my ways to act as trustee for monies and ensure it goes to churchesand refugees around the world not in family. She gives an address and phone number thugh she can’t speak…lol. ?? Yet the 2 addresses given/used appear to be genuine… her name supposedly Mrs Victoria Paxton, a christian lady by all accounts…

.I dumped it and suggest if you get this you do the sme…theres many a hacker waiting on acts of kindness t access your detail…report it as phishing for protection of all and help spread word to save heartache, if its to good to ber true it probably is!!!

Be careful folks and stay safe…enquire before opening or leave it closed. Even if you know a person if you are not expecting something check with issuer first…at all costs. Better to be safe than sorry!!

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