A quick thank you.

I just wanted to add a note of appreciation to those who have shown an interest it my posts here, sorry I don’t get to be on as often as I would like. It means a great deal and I thank you all, all the same.

Where'd they go?

Been checking under My Activity in my lists but under My Watchlist and Favorites… the lists are empty and have been for some time, I know there are usually plenty within and use them to refer to those that follow so as not to go forgetting people with any luck – but am now stuck! My apologies folks am very lost without them, meds make my brain more mushy than normal! lol. Any ideas most welcomed! Hope April is treating you all kindly, the rains of late must be doing the ground some good, but I did love the beautiful weather we experienced over the bank holidays and with another closely following at the end of the month lets hope the fine weather returns with avengance! Thanks as ever to all those following whatever genre, your comments most welcomed and appreciated! Wishing all well……

Spotted this CALLING FOR ARTISTS through a site to which I am a member...

Want to see your designs as a finished papercraft range?

Docrafts works with many established artists, licensed brands and design agencies.

We are constantly on the look-out for fresh new talent from both established and newly qualified artists. If you would like to present your artwork for consideration please send a copy of your e-portfolio to studio@docrafts.

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Keep us in the loop! ;’D Good luck! xxAnna-Marie.

Collaborative intentions - can you help me? Please?

I’ve an idea with my writing that I’d like to see it put into artform and spoken word or music or maybe all, I’m also interested in anyone who thinks they could dramatically illustrate my poetry through drama or film. Reality is standing and reading aloud to a group can lose some interest with some people but by collaborating such efforts as mentioned, more interpretation can perhaps be felt and understood adding more emphasis perhaps but also allowing more creative interpretation and opportunity for more creative, artistic and talented people to become known. Surely this could open doors for new ways to see works, please bubblemail me your thoughts, and ideas – lets hope 2011 is a year of opportunity for us all… all the best.…

Redbubble have under the community tab above, started a sectio

Popping in as 2010 draws to a close to say

A huge thankyou to all who have passed through and supported me through whatever medium, to all those friends and aquaintances who have made the last year more pleasurable I wish you all a wonderful 2011 as we move forward and hope it will bring much love, joy, health, hope, prosperity and peace your way. May it be your best year yet! I do hope we will be crossing paths again soon in the New Year, and much talent will flow through from your individual creativity and style… Thanks for helping make the world a nicer place to be… To those on the bubble whom we have lost from amongst us this past year, we shed a tear of remembrance whilst your talented and creative works live on through the wonderful world wide web – we think of your families and loved ones cherished – and tip a glass to …


Plagerism. Feb 2010 3rd place Nikhil kalra with “marriage” is not thier poem, it belongs to soup member Andrea Dietrich and is copyrighted by its being on the internet already under the title “A Marriage of Seasons”; I have done a search myself this morning to ensure and found this link
where she had 2005 1st placing as winner with it. – Having only come across it few minutes ago, we have alerted the site administration as to the case asking they take this person down and warn others……

I know how upsetting this can be with it previously having happened with one of my own elsewhere, so please all be on your guard and lets help stop these folk stealing what is ours. Your work is copyrighted automatically when you

WARNING/ALERT of Suspicious Redbubble email today showing as:- [Redbubble]Message from

Received the content of above title to my email this morning which seems suspicious to me in appearance. I appologise if it is legitimate to anyone whom it might offend by my posting but cannot take such risk. I have posted here so anyone with further detail can add their views regards this and to help those less offay with computers. Please be careful all and don’t forget to not open suspicious looking mailings and to either delete or report as phishing which will delete all content related to that mail for you including what goes to your deleted bin file…. Opening suspicious files could send viruses to your computer and spread from there to others…. and in some cases steal information or cause your computer to crash…. Thanks all…. ;D

Bowled over with 3 poems being featured in 7 days...

Thanking you so much everybody reading especially to the groups/hosts featuring this week, I’m totally flattered to be honest and just don’t know how you pick your way through all of the works in the first place, with so much talent being on the site… Anyway with 3 poems being featured in 7 days I wanted you all to celbrate with me and have linked to them below should yiou have missed them and wish to catch up quickly and conveniently at you leisure of course! Gosh, thankyou so much! Have yourselves a great week ahead… and welcome to my world of writing is always good to see you around and hear form you… ;D…

“Daddy” was featured in FEATURED WRITERS
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“Ode to a rose on a sunset” was featured in Freedom In Words & Art
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“Natures Bridal Party” was featured in FEATURED WRI


Hi folks, sorry to put a dampner on an already wet day… I received an alert today as a follower of Akkra on who does not even have an account with facebook yet experiencing huge issues… here is what she had to say,

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Please all be very careful and remember she is NOT on FACEBOOK…
Stay safe, happy surfing and have a great week…. ;D

Yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaa thankies all!!!!

I wish to thank everyone who has read my poetry to date on – please celebrate with me as I just had my 30,000 view of poetry alone here… I’m absolutely astounded, I was flabergasted at Christmas/New Year 2010 when after starting to write a little over two years previous I had reached the 20,000 milestone, but never in my wildest dreams dreamed reads would pick up with such momentum and each of you are to thank for that. Many of you will already know that when I first started to write i didso in order to do something with the time on my hands and occupy my mind away from pain a little…. I’d not written since school and would not have continued without the encouragement of those readers supporting me… Right now I am bewildered and who knows what the future will bring? Tha…

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