Product review: the RedBubble calendar

I’m going to confess three things: I like buffets, I prefer to give useful gifts, and I’m shallow enough to be influenced by first impressions – if there is no ‘wow’ factor I’m going to make my excuses and sidle away stealthily so I can go back to stuffing myself with crab puffs.

I received my RedBubble calendar in the mail yesterday, less than 24 hours after James said he would send me one to review. Wow #1.

Now, I’m not saying all RedBubble deliveries get sent by Express Roadrunner, but this confirms my belief that when the Bubble folks say they’re going to do something, it gets done.

I was pleasantly surprised when I removed my calendar from its packaging. It was not rolled up, but thoughtfully packed in a padded bag and kept flat in between two sheets of cardboard. Let’s give the packaging Wow #2.

The calendar’s lovely sheen, silky feel and elegant simplicity (all of which arrived in pristine condition, thanks to the solid packaging) made Wow #3 a no-brainer.

<small>Calendar page shows ‘Cambridge at Night’ by James Pierce</small>

RedBubble have put a lot of thought into this calendar, and it shows. Most impressively, they’ve managed to keep the base price affordable (I can hear all the artists celebrating) while providing a quality product with a sophisticated finish.

Some things you may notice when you start flipping through the calendar (apart from how nice it feels under your fingertips):

› A metal hanger means displaying the calendar is a breeze. It also protects the paper, unlike conventional calendars which have a punched hole at the top of the page.
› The A3 size makes this calendar perfect for doors, offices, hallways, kitchens – it will blend in, but it is certainly not a wallflower.
› Matt-coated 175 gsm (grams per square metre) paper provides a satin finish that shows pictures off to their best advantage.
› RedBubble’s signature font quietly but unmistakeably broadcasts the calendar’s origins.
› The days of the month are softly delineated in dove grey squares – a nice touch – and provide an adequate amount of space for writing down things like birthday reminders.
› The bottom right-hand corner of the page tells you where to go for more image goodness – a great move that acknowledges the artist and subtly markets more RedBubble products at the same time.

Now, before I head for the mini spring rolls, I will make one last confession – I loved this calendar at first sight, and I would be proud to give it to someone special.

Bonus: RedBubble is providing free shipping for the month of November. Just enter “Novembershipping” in the checkout code area when you enter your mailing address.

Some great RedBubble calendars for you to check out:
Beautiful landscapes by James Pierce
Life in Motion and Black and White by Paul Louis Villani
Daydreams by Ljubica Rapaic
Wilde Women by Lee Wilde

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