Amy Vasterling

Eagan, United States

I am creating a series of work, which includes 1,000 images and is called Peace Is Abundant. This series is very much like a GIANT...

Take a look at this!

Thirsty for good design paired with art that represents a playful nature and is still for adults? You’ve found your match! This grouping is from a large series of art I’m creating and you can have a little bit of it so easily through Red Bubble. Thanks Red Bubble!

I’m a native to the hinterland some of you call Minnesota. We get a bad rap for the weather but actually, I think the weather is pretty fine here. Cozy blankets, fireplace roaring, summer bike rides until the wee hours as the sun stays out longer and longer. We do have one thing above all states,we are the Northernmost! I hope your state of being is such that you feel encouraged to visit my greater website (at the end of this post.)

A little about me-
I am a teacher, public speaker, counselor, coach, fine artist and chief silly maker (only at home, the other things I do at work). I teach about intuition, parenting, grief and empowerment and am self employed and very happy that way…..unless somebody came along and gave me a great job working in a very fun, collaborative, CREATIVE work environment where they both had a snack and workout room. (I believe its possible.)
I’d have to give it strong consideration!

While not working Amy can be found cross country skiing (I’m the skating type), biking, running (when chased), knitting or playing with her kids, cats and husband.

Ok, that’s a little about me and my work. I hope to get to know many of you, the people who make this opportunity really exciting as I’ll connect with others I may not have otherwise.

Peace, Amy Cerny Vasterling

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