This is an english piece, something I spend a while working on. Poetry isn’t really my strong suit, but I’m proud of this work. Please give critism, and thanks for reading! ^^

Fire crackled from its gapping jaws,
The sound of licking flames accompanied by only quiet crying and a low moan.
Wide and glassy eyes were uncomprehending of the pain around it;
The dull stare seeming shocked by the open mouth shooting flames.
Tattered grey rags hung across its frame,
A bony, malnourished and pitiful thing.
The hands that had once caressed my head,
Now gnarled and threatening, yellow nails poised ready to hurt.
Thin white hairs flowed along its length,
Almost invisible against the skin.
Its feet were bare to the world,
The entire hairy, spotted length of them.
A bloodless face was the epicenter of this creature;
Not the true centre, but instead an exclamation point for the destruction of it:
Like the aftermath of Hiroshima, when countless bodies were found:
Countless tears shed for the needless pain.
The creature leaned forward;
Seeming poised for the final moment:
And it spectacularly arrived.
The fire gave a cackle of delight as the dead skin gave way to flames,
And my grandfathers body collapsed inwards, consumed by heat.
He always had wanted to be cremated.

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