New Songs I'm in love with

Sorry there isn’t any links, i’m feeling quite lazy.. if you’d like to hear the songs
download them or search for them on youtube d=)

Black Kids – Look at me (when i rock wit choo)

MGMT – Kids

The national – Mistaken for strangers

The Verve – Love is noise

Robyn – Robotboy

Blaqk Audio – Between Breaths (an xxx perspective)

Phantom Planet – Do the panic

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – Phenomena

Black Kids – Listen to your body tonight

Coldplay – Strawberry Swing

Robyn – Konichiwa Bitches

The Airborne Toxic Even – Sometimes around midnight

Placebo – Because I want you

The Killers – Under the gun

Tegan & Sara – Back in your head

Shiny Toy Guns – We are pilots

Black Kids – I’m Making Eyes at you

Sia – Day To Soon

Thank god for the genius playlist maker for itunes

I’m still alive

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