PLAYLIST for today…

If you don’t like loud music, don’t listen… or turn your speakers/headphones volume down.

1. Just Surrender – Forgotten not forgiven

2. Asteria – Thanks 4 nothing It’s not youtube, it’s an mp3 streamed.. just give it a couple seconds to load, and it’ll play the song!

3. Asteria – I to eye again, not youtube, just a mp3 that’s streamed.

4. Asteria – The taste, the touch okay, you probably think it’s another mp3 stream, but i actually found the song on youtube. enjoy!

5. Just Surrender – In your silence

6. Just Surrender – Your Life and Mine OMFG, an actual/official Music Video, (look for the tight ass throwback jersey)

7. Ludo – Hum Along
Pretty song, with a crazy video to go along with it.

8. The Audition – Don’t be so hard on yourself
Crazy animated video.. mix of anime, video games, cartoons, movies…

Uhm yeah, yesterday I wrote for 7 straight hours, without smoking or drinking anything with caffeine… I had to stop, because I was feeling drained and my head was hurting.. Smoked a cigarette, ate, took a shower, and went to bed (yeah at 9:00pm)

Like my last journal stated, I will be writing about past experiences, I call them memories… Yesterday I dug deep to write something that I never think about anymore, just for the sake of, i’m afraid of it. Made me cry alot, made me think about what I used to do with my life and how I really haven’t changed that much mentally and emotionally.. I have about another 600 – 1000 words more to type, then my story of that memory is finished.

Hope all is going well in redbubble land..
and that you appreciate the music i’ve been listening to,
as much as I appreciate it..


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