Victor, United States

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Bear in a pond Poster $13.70
Icy morning near Bear Creek Poster $13.70
Chokecherries for dinner Poster $13.70
Fox kits, exercise in dominance Poster $13.70
Cassin's Finch - Haemorhous cassinii Poster $13.70
Feeding time  Poster $13.70
Pileated Woodpecker family Poster $13.70
Fox kit in the grass Poster $13.70
Short-eared Owl profile Poster $13.70
Hanging out on the deck Poster $13.70
Fox kits at play Photographic Print $7.32
Short-eared Owl  Poster $13.70
Yellow-headed Blackbird Poster $13.70
Fairyslipper - Calypso bulbosa Poster $13.70
Glacier Lily - Erythronium grandiflorum Poster $13.70
Blue Clematis bud Poster $13.70
Big wood in the Bitterroot River Poster $13.70
Fly fishing the middle Bitterroot River  Poster $13.70
Young cow elk Poster $13.70
Young bull elk Poster $13.70
Birds of a feather eat together Throw Pillow $20.81
Great Blue "awk!" Heron Throw Pillow $20.81
Blooming beauty - Clivia Art Print $24.38
Clivia Poster $13.70
Sweet little pony Poster $13.70
Looking over her shoulder, cow elk in the spring Poster $13.70
Heads up everyone Poster $13.70
Hay, I am thinking... b&w Poster $13.70
Yours, mine and ours Poster $13.70
Hay, I am thinking... Poster $13.70
Sweetness in an mule Poster $13.70
Adjusting the perch on a Cottonwood branch Poster $13.70
Cat in the bag, Timmy at play Poster $13.70
Morning light and dew on the willows Poster $13.70
Pileated woodpecker in January Poster $13.70
Elk in the Bitterroot Valley in January Poster $13.70
Timmy and Vesper  Poster $13.70
Pronghorn in Montana Poster $13.70
Bringing dinner to the kids Art Print $24.38
In the spotlight Poster $13.70
Red-tailed Hawk - Buteo jamaicensis Greeting Card $2.66
Sparring match - training to be the big buck Throw Pillow $20.81
Fascination Poster $13.70
Virga over the Clark Fork River Poster $13.70
Gold Creek Poster $13.70
Golden light on a grey day  Poster $13.70
Montana Nature Calendar Calendar $24.00
Vesper basking in lamp light Poster $13.70
Wheeee, I am a Chessie Poster $13.70
Me or the trout... Poster $13.70
Hawk in Montana Poster $13.70
No more sunday drives for this one Poster $13.70
Isn't she a beauty Art Print $24.38
The elk are bugling in western Montana Poster $13.70
Bison browsing in the afternoon Poster $13.70
Misty morning on the Flathead River Poster $13.70
Good morning Flathead River Poster $13.70
Ninepipe Wildlife Refuge in the early morning (3 of 3) Art Print $24.38
Ninepipe Wildlife Refuge in the early morning (2 of 3) Poster $13.70
Ninepipe Wildlife Refuge in the early morning (1 of 3) Poster $13.70
Blackfeet warriors guarding their land Poster $13.70
The young bull moose is back Poster $13.70
Fly fishing on the Flathead River Poster $13.70
Lunching on timothy grass at Mud Lake Flats Poster $13.70
I said let me go, look at all that grass Poster $13.70
South Fork Westslope Cutthroat Trout Poster $13.70
Kitten sweetness and patience Poster $13.70
Young bull moose is back for dinner Poster $13.70
What, just trying to have some fun with the old guy Poster $13.70
Young bull moose in the woods Poster $13.70
Swallowtail Butterfly on Syringa  Poster $13.70
Female Mallard preening Poster $13.70
The whole family at dinner Poster $13.70
Two-tailed Swallowtail Butterfly Poster $13.70
Field of Lupine Poster $13.70
Red-naped Sapsucker ready for take-off Poster $13.70
Red-winged Blackbird, male in an aspen tree Poster $13.70
Red-winged Blackbird nest in a wetland Poster $13.70
Fledgling Red-winged Blackbird Poster $13.70
Red-winged Blackbird, female Poster $13.70
Mule deer doe Poster $13.70
Mule deer fawn Poster $13.70
Lupine in Montana Poster $13.70
Indian Paintbrush Poster $13.70
Bitterroots and Sapphires Poster $13.70
Arrowleaf Balsamroot  Poster $13.70
A little bit of fairy dust... Poster $13.70
Clematis Poster $13.70
Basking in the morning sun Art Print $24.38
A hen taking care of ten Throw Pillow $20.81
Viola! Poster $13.70
Western white trillium  Poster $13.70
Indian Paintbrush in western Montana Poster $13.70
Pretty in pink fairyslipper Poster $13.70
Painted turtle in the sun Throw Pillow $20.81
Early morning in the Mission Valley Greeting Card $2.66
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