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Lotus (plant)
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Flower Allotsallots (in English: Lotus) is a water plant flowered, belongs to the genus and the family of lotus (Nelumbo genus and the family Nelumbonaceae).

Characterized by the lotus plant flowers Bbtalatha Qrntha full and circular-shaped cylinder, which usually stand out in to the top.

The lotus of the national symbols in: Egypt, India and Vietnam.
The name of the lotus flower is derived from the word “Otaz” launched by the Greek name of this plant, use this name to describe some of the flowers are flowers Egyptian Nile blue lotus flowers Hindi family members of this family of water lily.

The lotus flower, a member of the family of Milton GORDES It is composed of two famous lotus flowers white in the east, and flowers Mloonju a species living in America and is smaller than the lotus flowers white, carrying flowers yellow fragrant and pale, in contrast to water lilies floating on a surface, the lotus flowers leg strong.
Alooracihaml form petals and lotus, roses and a large hollow in various colors range from pure white, red, pink. There seedlings more surprising may produce flowers two-color it leaves the double, and show that color variable during maturity, grow flowers, aromatic click the leg long and slender, appear above the leaves soft like an umbrella upside down, this CD flat green Bluish can reach a diameter of two feet, and are somewhat similar to the luscious flowers that carries it.

All the lotus flowers blooming in the river where the flowers bloom at dawn and close at dusk for five days, when the pay day falls five flower petals to reveal a green pod place Biya bowed toward the water and you receive the seeds, to start a new life cycle.

[Edit] lotus a symbol of Egypt
Lotus is a symbol of Egypt until this day, has shown the inscriptions and drawings on the Pharaonic temples on the ancient Egyptian reverence for the ancient Egyptians to this flower. It showed beautiful graphics great kings of Egypt, the Pharaohs they Ihamscon Ballots with their hands in appreciation of them that flower brilliant.
It is the title character at the ancient Egyptian, the Egyptian creation myth tells us about the emergence of blue water lily (lotus of the Nile), where the ancient Egyptians were watching the blooming lotus that floats in the Nile every morning to close Tawaijadtha after each day that passes back and then sink beneath the surface of water:
In the beginning was the mist engulf the earth, and chaos, massive, dark and touching the water, then emerged Lily water from Allj, and slowly opened Tawaijadtha to show God the child was sitting in her heart, carried out smelling fragrant to nest on the water, Ouchaa light of the body of the child to dispel the darkness. That child is a god of creation, the source of all life is the sun god Ra. At the end of each day and close water lilies primitive Tawaijadtha to chaos throughout the night so that the Creator God to the heart of water lily, and in order to protect the sun god Ziah of extinction was keeping his eyes shut Mtlfa surrounds himself with water lilies.

A lotus flower on a big role in ancient Egyptian rituals of worship is the most sacred flowers, flowers and the greatest perfection, she is a perfume. The lilies of the Nile holy offerings made during the funeral rites. Residues have been found covering the body of Tutankhamun when you open the grave in 1922.
Appeared in the work of Herodotus said of the plants, describing the lotus blossoms old, and has been called the father of history, during a visit to Egypt in the fifth century BC, describes the plant as a kind of water lily named lotus was grown for the taste of its roots sweet flowers dried by the grind with flour to make bread.
Taken by the Egyptian army slogan of the Pharaonic period.
When the ancient Egyptians, the lotus plant simulates the Nile in the format: Vooracha Lakes subsidiary of the Nile and the leg gets under way, and Venus the Nile Delta.
The reservoir of creativity in the artistic and architectural patterns painted on the graves found a good fee for boat making its way through the water and stretch the hands of one of the boys to reap the lotus flower is not blooming yet. It is noted that the tops of many of the pillars of the ancient Egyptian temples take the form of lotus flowers as well.
Egyptian lotus
So-called Egyptian lotus lilies of the Nile, Blue Lotus and water lilies.
Lotus plants grow Nymphae caerul in the waters of the Nile and the static water ponds, swamps, and floating on the surface of running water.
Leg strength is substantiated tubers spongy roots that grow in the muddy bottoms of shallow water, floating leaves with a diameter of between forty to fifty centimeters on the surface of the water.
Its top surface is covered with a soft, waxy layer to prevent accumulation of water on it.
Egyptian lotus blooming plants from early spring until late autumn. And carrying lilies by the necks of floral green long allow the flower to float on the water higher than the level of securities, one of the most beautiful flowers, star-diameter when you open the full fifteen to twenty centimeters, and has a four-leaf sepals green outer surface and inside the white bluish and has a number of petals edged ridges and back-end blue italics to purple. and the heart of the golden yellow flower which emits a large number of papers floral stripe high-grass-colored in yellow gold. All of this gives the flower its beauty beauty.
Flowers blooming and lasts for four days, the bloom from early morning until mid-morning, and close Tawaijadtha afternoon, and remain closed throughout the night. And entice the smell of fragrant flowers, some types of aquatic beetles to enter the middle in order to absorb nectar, and thus help to be vaccinated.
In addition to the lilies of the Nile Egyptian blue Egyptian lilies are white: the white lotus flowers Nymphae alba It grows in the shallow waters of the Nile, flat, dark green leaves. On the contrary, lotus Egyptian blue blooming lilies lotus Egyptian white at night, and close Tawaijadtha before noon, and re-open at dusk, which is similar in form lilies Egyptian blue, Tawaijadtha Mlaqip form of a white line up in two, in the heart of the flower number of papers, floral stripe high- bright yellow color.
Egyptian lotus and white symbol of purity and purity, it is vegetation that grows in the mud highlights a rose is a beautiful bright white in spite of her beauty but can not match the glory and splendor of Egyptian blue lilies brightly

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