Hello House

So my trip to the Eastern Shore gave way to some good photographs – which, I think, are Bubble worthy. However, it seems that these days a person with a Pentax K10 in hand can get in trouble – always suspect of being a terrorist. Now, I know that the Chesapeake Bay Bridge has been labeled a potential “target” But I also know that I am not a Terrorist. So my first shot of the trip was going to be the Bay Bridge. As I approached the toll booth and was third in line, I pulled my PK10 to the window – eyed up the toll booths and began snap, snap, snap. Cars began to pull forward and there I was ready to pay the 2.50 toll. All the while I kept wondering "how am I going to get pictures overhead of the architecture of the lovely bridge while driving. Now, I am at the booth and the money taker says:

“What were you taking pictures of”
“The toll booth”, I answered.

I realize that she is also talking to someone on an intercom and relaying my answers. Now, I remember – ah oh, I thought. Am I going to get in trouble?

“Because I am a photographer,” I answered.
“Because she’s a photographer,” the lady relays to the voice on the intercom.

I then proceed to tell her, what I do for a living stating "I am not a terrorist: She relays that information.

“Okay,” she says. “I need to write down your tag number – drive through”

MY heart was pounding. And I was really upset that I would not get the photos of the bridge – because absolutely, I was very afraid to raise my KD10 and click.

As a matter of fact, I was so intimidated that I did not even stop to take another photo for about 75 miles (even though there were many I wanted to take) when I came across the farmer with the combine.

Fast forward – next day I decide to go to the prison to take photos. I pull out the KD10 and snap, snap, snap… I catch a woman observing me. When I get the photos I want, I begin to drive away. Now this vehicle follows me closely. I pull over. She pulls up next to me

“Can I get your name”?
“Why,” I ask suspecting it is because I am taking pictures.
“I saw you taking pictures”

I tell her my name

“Oh. I thought that was you,” she said. “But I was wondering why you would be taking pictures.”

I smiled.

“So, why were you taking picutures,” she asked.
“Because when I woke up this morning, I was still in America – home of the free – and therefore I can,” I answered.

I know there are reasons for these people to be suspect – but it’s just ME with a camera -

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