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My piece Fiery Stormfront was chosen to be this week’s icon over at Fractal Frenzy. Thanks guys!

I’m trying to be much more selective about what goes up here than what I put up on deviantArt… you know, that place where I put up every single thing I bother to write, render, or paint, so it really tickles me to be featured like this after only being here a short time.

I have a couple of BIG fractal related projects in the works… two books, in fact. That’s right. TWO.

The first is “Fractalated”, a collection of my better fractal work to date, and that’s going by other people’s opinion, not my own. (I do, in fact, hate a couple of fractals that are going in the book, but they are popular, so I would feel weird excluding them.) It looking to be about 40 pages so far, and if I keep working on it at the rate I have been, it should be ready in about another month or so.

The second book probably won’t be out until just before Halloween, and with a couple of exceptions, all the art in it will be original. It’s tentatively titled “Inner Fire”, and the work in it will be along the same lines as Heavenly, a combination of fractal art and photomanipulation. I’m still working on getting permission from various models and doing more art in the same style, so it’s going to be a long term project.

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