Thank You Soul mates Group For Featuring Melt Me Like Butter Collaboration With Leah Highland The piece Is Very Special To Me For It Was A Written Piece For Joe Before I Became A Member Of The Bubble Thank You For All Your Support Of My and Leah’s Work Big Huge Smiles to You For Me and For Leah Highland Too You

Author: Amber Elizabeth Fromm Donais
Artist Leah Highland


I’ve Never Felt Like
This Before
When I Look
In Your Eyes
My Heart…
Hits The Floor

You Say…
I’m Demanding
I Say I’m In Need!
You Got What I Want
And I Need To Feed…

Your Kisses Are Hot

Like Flames In A Fire
Melt Me Like Butter
When It Comes
To Your Love
I Never Tire

In All My Years…
I’ve Never Felt …
A Love So True
Been Driven Insane
Purely Crazy By the
Things You Do

You Drag Me Down, Yet
Lift Me So High
You Make Me Smile
You Make Me Cry

Your Kisses,
Are Hot Like Flames
In A Fire…
When It Comes To
Your Love A…
Burning Desire

You Hide From Me
Trust Such An Issue
thsi Push Me Pull You
Leaves Me Drowning
In Tissue

Live In the Moment
Make The Most Of The Day
Focus On This Feeling
Forget The Stupid Things
We Say

Can We Let Go
Of The Curses
let go Of The Pain
Can We Start Over …
And Do It Again

Your Kisses Are So Hot,
Like Flames In a Fire
You Melt Me Like Butter
When It Come To Your Love

I’m Filled With
Hot Burning Desire.

Melt Me Like Butter
All Rock Big smiles and Holiday Cheers
Amber Elizabeth Fromm Donais

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