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Of Walking Ever In His Glory You All Rockkkkkk!!!!

Walking Ever In His Glory
Author Amber Elizabeth Fromm Donais
Artist Linda McCarthy
Walking Ever In His Glory

Beautiful Majestic Splendor …
God’s Waters An Ever Deep
Reflection Of Father, Boundless
Love …Creation, A Masterpiece…
A Reflection Of Boundless Grace,
Available To You, For You…
We Are The Salt of His Earth
We Are His People …
The Messengers!!!
Exhilarate…Celebrate In Life…
In Wonder, In Creation… In
Remembrance Of All That Has
Been Given, All That Has Been
Received…NeverTo Forget,
The Wisdom In Even His Simplicity…
Smell The Air, Breath…
Feel The Winds, Let Them
Carry You…Touch The Sands,
Listen To The Rapture Of His Waves…
Ever, Ever…To Reflect,
In God’s Love Shown
In The Boundless Reflection
Of God’s Waters…
WE, The Salt Of God’s Earth
Let This Reflection,Fill Your Hearts…
Be Consumed…In Peace With Joy …
To Carry And To Walk…Ever Sharing His Glory…
Walking Ever In His Glory

Love Ya
Amber Elizabeth
and Linda McCarthy

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