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Tenderly Is Loves Soft Caress

An Infant Born Held To Mothers Breast,
She Strokes Her Baby,His Cheek So
Tenderly …Love’s Soft Caress

A Child Falling Upon Her Knees,
A Friend Holds Out The Hand
Wiping Tears From Her Face
Wiping Tears Off Her Cheeks..

This Meaning So Much True Friendship At
Friendships Best…Nothing More Loving
Nor Tender…As Love’s Soft Caress

Love’s It’s First Bite, Love’s Tender
First Kiss…Heart Of Tender So
Yet Tenderly Love’s Soft Caress

Aww Love …Oh the Heart, Upon
Our First Taste The Heart ….
Vulnerable Of Such, Innocence …
Given Yet So Eagerly…And
Yet Often With Haste…

Oh, The Innocent Yes..Heartbroken
So Easily By The Tender Sweet
Innocence Of Love’s Soft Caress.

A Love Mature Heart Strong,
Enduring True Gift Love Tender
Love Soft Caress…With A Love
Unconditional Complete With
Spirit Yes ,Heart,Thought In All
That You Do Tender Still Tender
Is Love’s Soft Caress True

Now Adult Child Holding Onto Your
Parents Hand …In Illness We
Comfort …Comfort Such Pain …
With Kindness And Love For
We Now…Now Understand…

In Full Circle Life! Yes Life Once
Again…In Understanding As
Lifes Begins,So Does Life End…

By Reaching From Heart
By Giving The Hand From
Infancy…To Elderly…As it
Began Yes…. It Now Ends…

By Giving Our Love Yet So Tenderly…
Tenderly As, LOVE Love’s Soft Caress.

I Believe Angels Watch Over All Of Us and Some are here on earth Like Marie Sharp and Sally Omar Big Huge Hugssssssssssss To Alllil ol me x

Amber Elizabeth

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