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Love~Eternal Dream
Author: Amber Elizabeth Fromm Donais

The Spirit Fire…Upon
The Flight… Of Love…
Eternal Dreams Our Passion
Upon the Wings, Of Dove…

Oh, Feel You Lie
Beside Me, Waking
Dawn Morn Light.

Yes, This Love
Empowers Me
In You.. My Hearts…

To Feel Your
Breathe Upon Me
Very Essence In
The Air…

To Gently Brush
Upon My Skin
The GentleTouch
Of Hair…

I Am Filled With
You, In Us So
So Deeply Filled

Oh… Sweet Taste
Of Love’s Kisses, Of Heart
Of Dream Of Wishes..

Love, Yes Love,
All It… Brings…
A Miracle True,
Of Truest… Blessing,

Found Within This Love
This Love For Me and You

In Joy My Heart It Sings..
Entwined Spirit’s Fire…
Upon The Flight ,
Of Love…

Eternal Dreams
Of Passion,Upon
The Wings Of Dove…

In You ,In Me Yes Us,
My Love This Flight I Soar…

My Love, Ever
Impassioned It ,
Sings Heart Songs

Oh Love
My Eternal Dream
My Life Eternal Dream…

I Dream

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