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Honestly Within
Author: Amber Elizabeth Fromm

Honesty Within
I Have Wandered
I Have Grown… To Know,
Myself and My Own Soul
To Step Forward, In Adversity
Look Within Me Myself
For Integrity
Within My Own Heart
To Find Joy…
Before You I Am Complete
I Am and Know Me ,
With Faults With Flaws
I Stagger Often And Strive
For Improvement, To Walk
In The Light Of God
To Follow The Path
Before Me… To Grow….
I Ever Seek God
When I Fall Ever Short
In Him I Find My Strength,
Gifts Received
Hope… Faith…
Grace, Eternal Peace
As Long As I First Look
In Honesty and Honestly
Within Myself, He Will Carry Me
Beyond The Boundaries
That Tie Us ,That Bind Us
To Darkness In Heart And Spirit
Within Forever Within My Heart
I Must First Look Honestly…
So Honestly Within…

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