SECRET !!!Crushes ,Bunny Stew , Flying and Ice Cream !!!! Laughter on the Bubble

Just thought I’d share some laughs of the week with ya and maybe you could add your funniest commentsTo It It would be Fun

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HEY you didn’t know about the crush I have on you? LOL the things you learn about people…. hope you are having a wonderful day my friend!!

dreadfulbride comment take it elsewhere buddy.

my reply to the dreadfulbride:very funny how are you =D love bunny xxxx

dreadfulbride to me: Bunny?…Bunny?…speaking of which, I saw one hppin’ around in the road yesterday morning.

Surprised, they ain’t found my garden yet. If they do…they will be on the menu.
my reply :no bunny stew for me honey I will pass hugss and laughing x
dreadfulbride: so don’t go kick’n me in the …, like you did that poor boy for doin’ the same when you were kids

Amber Elizabet… in reply to dreadfulbride:shhhhh I am much nicer now just don’t kill wabbits you wascall love ya I do xx

dreadfulbride :not stew, deep fwied WAAAABBIT!!!!

I fly in my sleep 2…….maybe we shall fly into each other some evening….tee hee
So glad to know you my friend :)

my reply:Yes and dance with peter pan hugss and will be wonderful =D thank you too…=D



so that means the party of the first part,and the party of the second part are herewith and for ever more barred from having ice cream without due consideration to the party of the middle part,so notwithstanding any other parts that may or may not be also having ice cream,or considering ice cream as a means to cover the ceiling,,all party’s agree the ice cream should only be used in conjunction with all party’s agreement ,,and only vanilla ice cream on sundays,,,,,,,,,,lol

this is my take of the marx brothers,,,,,,,,,,

best of my reply:but I want to have icecream with you !!!!!

comment: You . . . me . . . i . .. say yes . . you say yes . . me happy . . .i show . . you show . . . all done :-)

dreadfulbride: Soooo, whos ‘aven ice cream? …and …ummmm, whos cleanin’ the ceiling?

My reply:we will all have ice cream and share some for some for you and some for me xxx

dreadful bride:and fer da ceiling?

my reply: more ice cream big scoops and maybe chocolate this time for they will know we was there x

VanSnuG: Gyahahahahahaha. I am REALLY IN if there’s Strawberry or Mint Chocolate Chips ICE Cream. :-D

my reply :What about bubblegum and sherbert they are so good too gyahahahahahahahahaha can we be a little diverse hmmmmmm ROFLOL have a wonderful evening Van Snugdreadfulbride :YUK!…pistachio, butter rum, butter crunch ‘er rum raisin fer me please.

(on a chocolate dipped waffle cone)

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