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This Work Was Written About Acceptance In Bad Life Choices Addiction And Owning Your Truth To Find Healing And Reach A HIgher Consciousness And Connection With God or Highest Power I Wanted To Reach Someone To Help The Understanding Come To Light . Sit Our Seats As I Sit For Earned And Own Mine…
Thank You So Much Poetic Prose and Philisophical Group For Featuring This Writing
I Hope It Touches And Leads To Path Warmest Wishes Amber Elizabeth Fromm…

Empty Chair Earned Seat Acceptance
Author: Amber Elizabeth Fromm

There…God , My Honesty

It Sits….My Empty Chair..
In All Honesty, Acceptance
Must Come From Me
Yes God…There It Sits
MY Seat…

Walking Towards MY Problem…
Truth Beknownst…To Me
In Honesty…Yes Honesty …
Yes…With God… Is Where
We’ll Finally Meet
There It Sits
My Empty Chair..Truthful…
Place Of Honesty
Yes, There …Sits My Seat…

For Judgment Lies Around Me
Yes Look At What
They See

Must First Look To …
Where I’ve Been
Look At My Darkness…
Gaze Deep…Inside
My SINs…
Strength Pray Oh God
To Accept … Myself Oh God
To Look Within
The 1st Step Upcoming
Pending Mercy.. Spirit Freed…
Yes Guide ME..My Surrender…
Your Forgiveness…
Forgiveness Never Seen

Admit I am Troubled

YES God My Life…
Has Been…With Prayer
My Chair Awaits.. Me
Awaits Me Honestly
God’s Love Patiently
Sits So Patiently
Await My Honesty
God Sits Yes..Waits
At My Seat Within
For Can’t Decieve
Myself Nor God
Cause God Knows …Just
Where I’ve Been

In Truth… My Deceptions
Living ..Lies… My Body
Where They Dwelled..
That Even Lied to Me..
Earned A Life A Life
Of Living Hell….
My God …. My Cost
Life…Troubles …Sadness
Yes, My Spirit Lost….
Yes Spirit SO Lost , Yes
So Lost Within…
Getting Hard
To Breath..Body Hard
Battled Conscience
Yes That’s Just Where
Ive Been!
In Not Knowing Truth
from Fiction,
Or Knowing “LIES “
From Fact
Must Pray
In True Surrender..
Seek Relationship
God I Know I am the one..
The One That Must Innact..
There She Sits
My Honesty…Yes Truth
Empty Waits
My Seat..
Honestly God…In Truth
God I Do Own
Have Earned

Yes, Earned …
My Empty Seat!!

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