Cate Townsend Interview

I also had the pleasure of aquiring an interview with "Ms Cate Townsend ":

Interview with Cate Townsend

Thank you so much for choosing to interview me. I hope this is ok. Can you please find the artworks I have chosen and click on there properties and then paste them in the appropriate place, you will find them in my favourites.
Thank you again and much hugs

What drew you here to the Redbubble community?

Gai the Living Planet competition hooked me in and then I discovered it was somewhere I could exhibit my art. It was really scary putting myself out there. There are so many different groups here on the bubble, it’s a whole world with different cultures, absolutely fantastic for someone like me who likes to expand into different realms.

Community is the key word here, I have found that redbubble is an amazingly supportive community. To belong to such a caring community of extremely talented people is a real honour.

How does your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

It’s how you look at things creativity is my life, the other aspects kind of float around as well as encompass it. Being an artist is my centre, my core. I guess it can be somewhat annoying for my family as I’m always asking there opinion about my work, or going on about my art and what I’m doing.

My first painting was done on the dinning room table with the kids eating pasta, I just kept painting until I finished it. My home is relatively small and I tend to clutter it up with my work

How many mediums do you work in? Which is your favourite, and why?

Many, lots, heaps…. ok charcoal, pastel, acrylic, oils, photoshop, photography, graphite, ink, sculpture. I guess I’m what you call a multi – media artist. I sometimes work in one medium but mostly I feel comfortable using more than one, I guess I use what feels right at the time and what is appropriate for what I’m creating. Sometimes I will create my background with paint on canvas or board, then go into photoshop and play around with my design then finish the painting. Sometimes I will totally create in photoshop, (mostly from photographs I have taken, or images I have drawn then scanned in or photographed) then paint the image. Graphic Design is a huge part of who I am.

When I was studying design, I did a report on The Art Noveau period (late 1800’s – early 1900’s) and found the whole era facinating. The turn of the century was an amazing time with lots of inventions, where you would find Architects designing their wives clothes, furniture and even the cutlery. It was a period of mind expansion where artists started thinking outside the square. So for me there are endless possibilities in expressing your creativity. It was like a light was switched on in humanity.

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful.

Well that would have to be the fabulous and famous
Karin Taylor .
There are many people that have enriched my life that I have met on the bubble, but Karin was the first. She was the wind beneath my wings, and not only for me she is so encouraging to so many, an amazing woman really.
When I first joined I was very apprehensive about putting my work out there. She would encourage me comment on my work and get other bubblers to do the same. I reckon she does this a lot with newcomers, asking people to check out their work. Not only has she encouraged me, the inspiration I get from her art, and writing spurs me on to be the best I can be.

Show & tell: What three works or people on Redbubble have moved or inspired you?

There are so many wonderful artists and works of art, its really not fair to pick just three, I have over 100 saved in my favourites, but here goes:

Leith O’Malley

The Black

I am just so moved by this portrait of Leith’s it is really profound for me.


The Bath

I love all of Malen’s work this one especially. I love the treatment that she gives her work the softness the colours, it is superb.

Amber Elizabeth Fromm

Stolen Child

Amber’s words gave me the inspiration to try and breakthrough the taboo’s and boundaries in society regarding child abuse, and to produce an artwork to promote more community awareness. She is such a brave woman and gives me the courage to be brave, and to stand up for the things that I believe in, and push for change to open minds.

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