Interview with bamagirl38

_I recently was flattered by being asked for an inteview by the wonderful Artist Gracey Stinson of this wonderous Red Bubble community it is a chain going around and once you have been interviewed you are supposed to continue and interview 2 other artist ….I asked bamagirl38 she has helped me and so many other bubblers on the gallery with inspirational comments, art and writing …. She is also a great moderator/cheerleader for the Live Love Dream Group…

A comment from her will always bring a smile to your face and I feel she is a wonderful ray of sunshine on a bleek day:)
Ms. Bonita/bamagirl is always full of sunshine and shares this with the world around her._

What drew you here to the Redbubble community?

Well, I had joined RB back in July of last year. Wow, I just realized, this is my one year anniversary on Redbubble ! WOOOOO HOOOOOO! I didnt become active until around December 2007. Coming here from a site that was filled with drama and jealousy…. I came to RB for an escape of sorts. I had no idea when I started getting really active on here the response I would get or the wonderful people I would meet. I soon began to notice that the talent on here was just absolutely amazing and the people were just so terrific! Everyone always so eager to help one another and I was welcomed with open arms. I can honestly say that I sincerely love RB, and all of the people on here. I have been inspired by so , so many people on here and my heart has truly been touched forever. Truly Touched !!!!!

How does your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

My creativity has shaped and molded me into the person that I am today. Creativity allows me to soar high above it all and create the things not from my eyes, nor my head, but from my very heart ! For many, many years now…… I have saw the people that I have come into contact with, as well as the places, and things, from deep within my heart and soul….. from there, my creativity has blossomed and taken me to heights that I could have never imaganed. Its my true hope that everyone will open up not just their eyes, but their hearts as well to the absolute beauty that the people and things of this world has to offer us all…. then and only then, can your true creativity emerge and bring you all that you truly deserve out of life….. :)

How many mediums do you work in? Which is your favourite, and why?

Well, I explore everything ! lol….. With each new day I find myself dabbling into this and that and moving forward in my digital art and etc. To me, the possibilities are endless….. From a simple photograph , to fractal art and design, abstract art….. it just goes on and on . I can assure you, I am totally consumed by this passion and the fire just keeps burning hotter with each and every new day!

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful.

Well, now this is truly a hard one ! I have been forever touched by sooooooo many people on RB that I could never explain how special you are all to me. As I sit here and really think about it, I am going to have to say "Aspectsoftmk""HERE": Aka Terri ! Terri came here from the other site as I did. We came into contact on that site, but just speaking here and there and not a whole lot more. On RB, we were able to truly express ourselves , our art, our lives and our passions, and being able to do that on this site, brought us together like we would have never been able to do on the other site. Two hearts were bonded and truly touched for all time. Terri see’s life, views love and friendships in such a beautiful way. Sometimes when she speaks, its like I am the one talking and she is just pulling it out of my very heart ! She is live, love, laugh, I am live, love, dream! :) We are so much alike that its just unreal. She has listened to me laugh, listened to me cry…… Pushed me forward when in reality, I was so tired I wanted to run and hide. She is true and beautiful inside and out. I thank you Terri…. I love you , and my life is forever touched by you and I will never again be the same !!!!!

Show & tell: What three works or people on redbubble have moved or inspired you?

Well, Its not fair that I have to Limit it to just 3 ! lol…. But here goes…..

(1) Shree

Shree came to me some time ago asking me to do a collaboration with him. Asking if I would do a writing for him for two of his beautiful pieces of art… He had written me and explained what he was trying to acheive with his two pieces. I agreed that if he sent them to me, that I would TRY to write something that would go together with the artwork. I told him that I could not promise anything, that I considered myself more of an artist/ designer than a writer. When it sent me the artwork, the words just came out….. I looked at his work and at once I knew exactly what he was trying to capture in his pieces. They were beautiful works and touched me so much ! The words at once just begin flowing….. Shree is a wonderful man and his and his wife’s talent are just so amazing ! True artists !!!!! He has truly inspired me. Amazing person, amazing artist, amazing man…………

(2) WendyL

I dont think that little Miss Wendy even realizes that she has truly inspired the Bamagirl ! lol…. She is such a beautiful soul inside and out…… She is extremely talented, as well as, she is strong. Much more so than she even realizes…….. :) A pure heart and so full of life…. Wendy, I know that you will always soar in any and everything that you will ever set out to do ! Hold that head high always girly ! I wanna watch you soar ! Your strength, and the way your heart and fun personality shows through all of your work is a true inspiration to me ! Hugs and love you always and forever!

(3) Madeline M. Allen

Maddie’s art inspires me and moves me. It keeps me in touch with my true inner feelings and empowers me to continue to soar , to continue to be who I am, and to never stop moving forward! It once again assures me , that I dont have to conform with the rules of a certain site, are a certain medium, but let’s me know that I can always be me, always do my thing, and always DREAM BIG! She has a true heart of gold and has always helped me in so many, many ways when I needed her ! Maddie, You are a true inspiration sweet lady! Hugs and love to you always!

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