Prisoned Mind and Spirit Collaboration w/Sean Farragher Featured at Poetry Barn

This Piece About Addiction any KIND… Those voices we call demons that live inside us that want to control instead of Letting Go and Letting God for We have no Control of People Places Things. To Surrender and find Spiritual Freedom To have Grace Is God’s Ultimate Gift….. I believe that all People have a little and at times big monster that wants to come out the best thing we can do to free ouselves from acting out and or harming ourselves or others is to turn those thoughts over to God … I had written this piece and Sean said I could use some of his beautiful and exquisite Art…. The Picture so stood out to me … It reminded me of the place I could dwell and the place I did dwell before I recognized those inner dark voices… and found a relationship with God my higher power…
God Bless You All
Amber Elizabeth

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