Hanging By A Moment

‘See you on platform 2 in 10 minutes! We’ll be going to a mates place in Turramurra to watch some movies.’ read the text message that I received from Steve as I walked up the platform stairs at Milson’s Point station.
“Who’s it from?” Stacey asked curiously.
“Just Steve. He should be here soon; we’re going to watch some movies.” I replied with a slight smile on my face.
I walked over to near the edge and peered down to the rail track.
“Hey, come over here and we’ll sit down and wait for him, haha I wonder what he’s actually like…” Stacey said.
Walking over to where the hand rail was, I put my mobile in my pocket and tried to find a comfortable spot leaning against the pole without having something jabbing up my arse. I looked around curiously and saw him down the other end of the half empty platform.
“Eh…Stacey…he’s over there…”
“Oh I see him, yeah he’s coming.”
I turned my back towards him unintentionally so I didn’t have to awkwardly watch him walk over and make his first move. I felt a pair of hands grab onto my hips and I watched as one of Stacey’s eyebrows lifted noticeably higher than the other.
“Hey Amber, how are you? And may I add, you look quite beautiful today.” he said as he turned me around and pulled me quite close to himself.
I was quite surprised at his body language and his confidence; he wasn’t going to let anything get in his way…especially Stacey. I looked into his eyes and smiled, just at that single moment I could feel the burning sensation in my cheeks get hotter.
“Oh hey, we’re going to get on the next train…which I think is coming right now and we’re going to go to my mates place to watch a movie. That ok with you?”
“Um, yeah sure why not.” I said with a slight smile.
As Stacey walked off in the other direction and headed down the platform stairs, Steve pulled me close and we got on the vandalised Sydney train that screeched to a halt at the platform. We both searched for a seat in the first carriage we got into but were forced to move due to the pushing of extra passengers boarding the train. He slid himself in front of me and grasped onto my hand as he guided me through the carriages, one by one, until we found someone to sit together. This was either going to be a long ride…or a very short one. Time would soon tell.

We sat down, him on the window side and me sitting close on the aisle side. Steve looked at me differently from other guys. He had a distinguishing look in his eye that made you look deeper to try and make you read his mind and figure what he’s was trying to say by looking into his murkish green eyes. We talked for a little while as the train continued to travel through the city suburbs of Sydney. The chatter in the carriage quickly died down as about after about 10 minutes the carriage was nearly completely empty. He took my hand.
“You like dolphins?” he half whispered as he gently lifted my left hand and looked at the sterling silver dolphin ring that was on my ring finger.
“Yeah, my grandmother gave it to me a couple of years ago. I just really like the design.” I said in reply looking at my hand as he touched it with his soft hands, running his fingers through mine.
“I really like your hands. See, I don’t like mine, I have guitar fingers.” He said smiling, showing me his right hand.
Without noticing, the carriage that originally had about 30 people on it as we arrived, after 15 minutes…it was just us, all alone. I continued to stare into his dreamy eyes and watched as his eyes slowly glanced down at my lips. Now being close to each other, I felt him move closer towards my face as our lips joined. Our breath mingled as I closed my eyes as he explored my mouth with his own and I felt my heart start to skip like a scratched CD. We continued to kiss on the empty train carriage and after about 5 minutes I gradually pulled myself away from him to see where the hell we were. Looking out the window and up to the broken sign that was loosely attached to the brick wall, it read ‘Pymble’. It wasn’t long until we were to get off. I quickly turned around to see him bite him bottom lip and smile at me impishly. Smiling, he pulled me closer to him and closed his eyes as our lips re-met. Everything seemed to be alright when I was with him, nothing seemed to matter. We both pulled away slightly and he rested his forehead against mine as he tenderly ran his hand down my cheek. Somewhat out of breath, he whispered into my ear softly “If there was one song to describe how you’re feeling right this moment, what would it be…it’s ok, take a moment to think about it.”
I shut my eyes momentarily and after a couple of seconds I whispered back “Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse”
“I don’t know that song…sing it for me?”
I raised my voice from a whisper to a quiet singing voice and started to sing the chorus of the song.
“I’m falling even more in love with you, I’m letting go of all I’ve held on to. I’m standing here until you make me move. I’m hanging by a moment here with you.”
I cut myself off softly as he continued to stare into my eyes like he was bewildered by something unusual.
“Did you know that you have a beautiful voice? Because you do.” He said as I placed my hand in his and he rested them on his knee. I moved closer to him and placed my head gently on his shoulder. The next 5 minutes of silence was beautiful.

Once again the train stopped at a halt at Turramurra station and I followed him off the train, watching him as he outstretched his arm for my hand. Walking briskly through the crowd on the platform we ran to the top of the stairs and walked to the main road.
“Do you know where we are?” he asked me curiously.
“Yeah I know where we are, I drive past when I’m going up to Newcastle. Over there would be Kissing Point Road right?” I replied smiling.
“Haha it sure is.”
All of a sudden I placed my right hand on my jaw as a shock of pain ran up through the right side of my face.
“Are you ok? What’s wrong?” Steve asked.
“Oh it’s where I broke my jaw a few years ago. I still get jolts of pain in the place where I broke it. Here, give me your finger.”
I brought his hand up to my face and pushed his finger in the chip in my jaw.
“Feel it?” I asked him.
“Yeah I can, feels gross haha.” He said back laughing.
The little man turned green and we started to cross the road. I glanced over at him while he was walking beside me and I started to giggle when I realised that the only thing that made him an inch taller than me was his hair. Steve looked over at me and smiled because I was laughing, but didn’t ask why I was laughing. Stopped suddenly by him, he told me to close my eyes, so I did.
He walked behind me, placed his hands on my waist and whispered in my ear, “Well this is Kissing Point Road right?”
And before I got the chance to reply, he turned me around and kissed me softly on my neck and led the kisses to my lips, making sure that every single one left goosebumps where he had just touched. I smiled and opened my eyes slowly; even though I didn’t want to…I didn’t want him to stop…

Hanging By A Moment

Amber Edwards

Sydney, Australia

  • Artist

Artist's Description

This actually happened, names and places havent been changed.

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