Busy, busy, busy!

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything here!

I finshed school on Monday afternoon, thank gawd I never have to go back there! I really can’t believe my schooling days are over. I’ll be starting a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration at Enmore next year. Haha, I’ve told dad that I NEED a Macbook Pro for my course, so he’s putting money away so I can get one :D :D

I’m saving up to buy a proper digital SLR, I’m so sick of this Sony Cybershot that’s a million years old. I want one that has great macro settings though, anyone know of a good one?

I’m still crazy in love with Jared, we’ve been together nearly 8 months and through all the shit, we are stronger than ever…But his driving scares me lol.
I’m starting work soon and I’m saving up for both of us to go to New Zealand for our 1 year anniversary on Valentine’s Day 2010 ♥

I dyed my hair black by accident lol, it was supposed to be “chocolate brown” haha. I suppose it looked alright, but it’s slowly fading to the dark brown I want it to be :D

Anyway, that’s about all thats been happening, not that busy I guess :P

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