Features & Challenge Winner in September 2009

Green Cauliflower was featured in the Art By Bubble Hosts group:

Monorail Station in Las Vegas and Lines were featured in the Las Vegas & Nevada group:

Timeless was featured in the ImageWriting group:

Markings was the Winner of the SHAPES and MARKINGS Challenge in the Giraffes-the long and tall of it! group and featured because of that:

Please help me to refuse that food!!!! was featured in the Northern California Style group:

Got you…. was the Winner of the Asian Animals8 Challenge in the *4 Winners only group and featured because of that:

Hummingbird was featured in A Fascinating Purple group:

Neighbours and Northern Gannet were featured in the Alphabet Soup group, while Northern Gannet was the winner of the N Challenge in that group:

Polar Bear was the Winner of the Arctic/Antarctic Animals Challenge in the 4 Winners Only group:

Many thanks to the hosts of these groups and to the voters of these Challenges!

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