A pondering

In this age of the internet, which makes the other side of the world seem much closer, I’m starting to wonder just how much some people are stuck in their little part of the world.
Over the last week I’ve been swapping World Cup stickers through a great website, and this thing wouldn’t be possible without the internet, yet so many people pull out of a swap with me when they learn that I’m in Aus. It’s on my profile, they just haven’t looked properly first before hitting the ‘send request for swap’ button.

I’ve arranged around 5 swaps with collectors from the UK, and one from USA, and it costs $2.20 to send one or 15 little stickers across the world, in a small ‘post office approved’ envelope. While I am yet to receive one of these overseas swaps, it can’t cost that much for them either, with several people citing cost as a main reason why they don’t want to swap with me, or that they’ll only do swaps within the UK.

Those restrictions are no longer in place. Once upon a time, we would have had to place ads in the local paper or Trading post to do local swaps. This thing’s gone global, thanks largely to the internet’s prominence, and it just makes me wonder what some people are worrying about – obviously not their sticker collection, for I don’t care that I have to post a handful to England, to get ones I need in return; I’m glad I can firstly offload some of my duplicates, and get some I need to complete the collection.

People are strange sometimes.

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